Do you want to become your own boss? You can do it with The MAG Network. Give yourself a minute to read why you should choose us and not other providers.

We provide content

You can rent our content and rebroadcast it on your network if you have. We can also manage the rented part to shrink or enhance packages, prepare channels list for your customers and install for you customer managing system.

We provide receivers

You can buy from us easy to use set-top-boxes Infomir MAG. They allow you to work with your network in really great way. You can customize them to load only your portal URL or even download updates only from your server. What comes with it, obviously you are also able to make your firmware or embed official or custom one.

We provide middleware

Middleware is a web portal developed for set-top-boxes which connects them with content streams and allows you to manage customers from user friendly panel, assign channels to pricing plans and do such stuff that every operator must do. Just write to us and we will install for you middleware, add content to it and make demo user to show you how it works. Obviously after installing you can use it as normal admin, and you become an admin of IPTV service, isn’t it proud? 😉

We provide support

The MAG Network gets support from really experienced people, such as IPTV services administrators, firmware developers, theme designers and so on. You can ask us about anything on our support helpdesk, which link for you have on header navigation bar. Obviously when you’d become your own boss, it would be professional to have your own ticketing system and we can set up such for you.

We provide positioning on Internet

You have content. You have hardware, software and that may be enough to become a professional IPTV provider.

If you think so, you are wrong!

Let me elaborate the IPTV shortcut. It stands for Internet Protocol Television. See the first word.

Internet. Obvious thing is you should have your own Internet website to have great opinion about your Internet television.

If you have no webdev skills, don’t worry. We also have great web programmers and designers team which will make for you good website with or without admin panel (CMS). CMS stands for Content Management System – this is where you can add posts and pages for your theme from any web browser. For example our website also runs on CMS so we can easily login to admin panel and add any post like this. No HTML, CSS and so on skills are required, there is an easy editor for such systems.

You only will have to give us access to your hosting and our Customer Care worker assigned to you will work with a little your help to prepare Internet portal. Your help is needed to know, for instance, what is the name of your service 😉


So if you see, we have almost everything. And now we need only one thing from your side – your question whether could we help you or not. Of course we can! Write to us either on e-mail or on our helpdesk system. Every instance where it will be possible, our Customer Care worker will respond shortly.

Have a happy 2019 year, maybe with The MAG Network team!

Run your service with our help
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